The Lowlander Center supports lowland communities and places, both inland and coastal, for the benefit of both people and environment.


Our Mission

  • To facilitate citizen engagement in promoting the resilience of lowland people and places- for both the environment and the people.

  • To utilize the varieties of rich knowledge within the bayou communities, including Traditional Ecological and Historied Knowledges, to address social and environmental pressures being experienced in the region.

  • To create a forum for participatory action research and implementation that promotes the resilience of lowland people and places.

  • To serve as a source of training and theoretical and technical information to those working in the field, students, professionals and volunteers.

  • To function as a professional and unified voice for lowland resilience in the public marketplace of ideas and the public sphere.

  • To achieve greater awareness of the social and ethical component of lowland resilience and mitigation decisions.

  • To develop more effective lowland resilience programs which benefit the community as a whole, including coastal Tribal communities.

  • To help to create lowland resilience as a social norm.